Trainings and Services


Staff and volunteer development is critical to creating healthier communities.  How can I help you build a healthier, more awesome team?

Staff Development and Community Coalition Building:

  • Building Healthy Communities through Meaningful Youth Engagement
  • Photo Voice and Community Change Tools
  • Strategic Planning and Visioning
  • Business Plan Development for Sustainability

Grant Writing:

  • Strategic Planning, Budget Development, and Proposal Writing/Editing

Staff Certifications/Trainings:

  • Enhance®Fitness National T-Trainer
  • YMCA Faculty Trainer (Principles, Foundations, AOA Land, Working with AOA, Enhance®Fitness)
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer–most trainings can be petitioned for ACE credit


2 thoughts on “Trainings and Services

  1. melissalilje

    I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you did facilitating our strategic planning session at happendance last week. Personally, I now have a clarity of direction and method to my job that only dreamed of when I first started as CEO four months ago. Hopefully we can continue this fabulous professional partnership. THANK YOU ANDI!!!

  2. Andi Crawford

    Thank you for your feedback. It was wonderful working with the Happendance Board of Directors and Leadership to craft a plan to build the Happendance of the future while honoring the amazing tradition that has been built over 37 years. I’m proud to work with such a wonderful organization and leadership team. All the best as the real work begins!!!

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