#MiYMCA @SaginawYMCA #Enhance®Fitness Trainings complete!


Leaders at the YMCA of Saginaw are now ready to put their training and planning into action and launch their Enhance®Fitness program.  Look for details soon of the program launch dates as the YMCA of Saginaw becomes the 9th Michigan YMCA to join the MiYMCA Enhance®Fitness program & expand their Healthy Living programs and serve older adults with arthritis.  Here’s a few shots of leaders in action:


Y Leaders building relationships through laughter!

Y Leaders building relationships with laughter!

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Sharing ideas

Sharing ideas










Of course, anything on the floor is from the pre-requisite course (weekend 1), not Enhance®Fitness (weekend 2)!

Thank you to CEO Steve Meyer for your commitment to serving your community through evidence-based Healthy Living programs.  Thank you to Tina Dowe, Health & Wellness Director and Andrea Jackson superstar volunteer instructor and coordinator for your planning and hospitality.  I love my Y hoodie!

Thank you for the thank you!

Thank you for the thank you!


I didn’t get a picture of it, but loved seeing all the community members playing chess in your lobby each day.  Great community building #BeCauseY!