Campaign reflections from an operator



As I continue to work through this week’s election results, thought I’d sit down with Lucy, age 6, who successfully ran her mother Missy Lilje’s bid for the Lansing School District.

Since most political business in this town gets done at The Soup Spoon, I thought we’d meet up there for brunch.  Not surprisingly, it was at least a thirty minute wait for a seat at the bar, which was not going to work for Lucy’s schedule or patience.  So, we headed down to my new favorite Eastside gem, the new Sparrow Hospital cafe–seriously a great addition to the neighborhood.


We had a great talk over some snacks and hot chocolate.  Lucy, a 1st grader at Post Oak Elementary School in the Chinese Immersion program, frequently answered my questions in Chinese.  Once we clarified that I was unable to handle that, we got down to business.  Here’s an excerpt of what we learned:

Me:  Lucy, are you excited about your Mom’s win?

Lucy:  Yes, and it’s all thanks to me.

Me:  That’s what I heard.  School board elections are tough.  There are many candidates and multiple spots.  That can create confusion.  How did you cut through the noise?  Tell me about your strategy.

Lucy:  Well, I talked to a lot of people.  I handed out many postcards.  I also made a video of my mom saying “Vote for Me” and I put it online for everyone to see.

Me:  I see, so a mix of retail politics and a solid online campaign?

Lucy:  Exactly

Me:  Are you looking forward to your mom serving on the School Board?

Lucy:  Yes, I’ll be watching her on TV.

Editor’s Note:  Um, Lucy do you realize that means watching School Board meetings on TV?  Help. You’re a better citizen than me.

Me:  Lots of people who ran for the Lansing School Board and many other positions didn’t win.  What would you say to them?

Lucy:  Do it again.  You might win next time.lucy-2-3

Clearly time was up, so we headed back down the Avenue with a requisite stop at Fabiano’s for some handmade chocolates and a sucker.

You’re killin the game Lu


#WalkingWednesday features Wexford Montessori School & Davis Park


Walking Wednesday headed to SW Lansing this week to tour the Wexford Montessori K-8 school and the new paved trail that connects Waverly Rd east to Davis Park.

A huge thank you to Mr. Eric Royston of Wexford for his informative tour of the Montessori program.  Wexford Montessori is one of only approx 150 public Montessori schools in the United States.  The school is partnering with several organizations to enhance its offerings including a relationship with Lansing Parks and Recreation to build an incredible outdoor learning environment for student exploration.  We heard a song from some young students and saw their learning environments which included cool tables like the one pictured that allow for students to spread out and work in teams.  What a treasure in our Lansing School District serving primarily students from the surrounding SW Lansing neighborhoods.












We toured the neighborhood south of Wexford Elementary and headed to the newly opened paved trail, which is accessible at the south end of Wexford Ave.  Kris Klein of the South Lansing Community Development Association talked about the development of the trail and how it now connects throughout Lansing’s South Side allowing residents to commute downtown.  We headed East past the Harry Hill campus which houses Lansing School District offices, Lansing Police Department personnel and the Schmidt Community Center.  We continued onto Davis Park which has a beautifully paved trail around the perimeter of the park, newly renovated ball parks & restroom facilities, excellent basketball courts & playgrounds.

#WalkingWednesday takes a 2 week break and will resume on 1/7.  Best wishes for a healthy & joyful holiday season.

The park sign says "Fun for All Ages"  This is my mom!!

The park sign says “Fun for All Ages” This is my mom!!

Beautiful playground facilities!

Beautiful playground facilities!

Beautifully paved trails make for easy walking &biking.

Beautifully paved trails make for easy walking &biking.