DanceLansing: A Community Dance Project


I’m excited to support DanceLansing: A Community Dance Project led by Happendance, Inc in partnership with Lansing Community College.  This project brings together amatuer and professional dancers of all ages to produce public art happenings throughout August around downtown Lansing.

A thriving community needs great art!  Support this project at (give $50 and get a shirt!).  Be sure to catch a performance and celebrate art, joy, movement, and economic development–my favorite combination of things!!!!

Catching up with Lansing Leaders


Always love catching up with District 10 County Commissioner Brian McGrain a great leader for Lansing’s Eastside.  Also, looking forward to coffee today at a Mid-Michigan institution  with colleague Shannon Lounsberry, Business Development Manager for the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce

Love catching up with friends and hearing about great things happening for the Lansing economy!