Move It Media manifesto of sorts…


Thank you to all of you who have purchased and shared

Gabustle Make My Body Hustle and Other Silly Ways to Move Anywhere 

and downloaded the narrated version with music on iTunes.

For those of you who haven’t yet, thought I’d share the introduction describing why I wrote this book to celebrate Natural Born Movers ™:


Hi Friends,

You’re probably very busy growing up right now, but I wanted to take a minute and tell you why I wrote this book.  I was a kid that loved to move.  Sitting still was pure torture and I’m still not very good at it, even though I’m old.  I can do all kinds of work without sitting still.  In fact, I do my best work when I move around.  Then, I had a son, and he was always moving.  In fact, he might light moving even more than me.  I realized that was true of all his friends too and most every kid I know.  

You see, we’re all Natural Born Movers™.  I know–sometimes we need to be still.  When your teachers, parents, and others need you to sit still, it’s important to do it.  I just don’t want you to feel badly that you can’t stand sitting still.  I wrote this book to celebrate your love of movement.  

We can move and still communicate, listen, and learn from each other.  In fact, I think movement helps us do all of these important things.  Not only can we express stories, ideas, and feelings through movement, but sometimes we can communicate better with each other when we’re in motion.  Often our best conversations are when we are taking a walk or playing catch with a ball.  Have you ever noticed that?

Like I said, sometimes its important to be still.  But, I bet we could fit a lot more movement into our life without things falling apart.  So, I invite you to move, communicate, create, dance, play, and have a great time.  I bet it improves your learning, communication, energy levels, happiness, and ability to get everything done you need to do.  That’s not just my opinion, that’s science baby!!

This book is about funny words and funny movements.  There’s also videos online where you can watch some of my friends from the Happendance Professional Dance Company create some movement to the words in this book.  You can also buy the music from that video to create at home.  You can copy what they do or you can do it your own way.  Just because they’re in a book doesn’t mean they’re the boss.  You can even make up your own songs to go with your dance.  Add a costume or an instrument even–live a little!  I just want you to be silly, have fun, and get some movement in your day.

That sums up what we’re all about at Move It Media, LLC — Building healthy communities and celebrating Natural Born Movers™.  Enjoy your day!

“Gabustle” Photo Shoot


Move It Media productions and Happendance have completed choreography for “Gabustle, Make My Body Hustle: and Other Silly Ways to Move Anywhere” a work created for Happendance To Go.  The book version will be available for sale at the Happendance concert January 24-26.  Purchase a copy and have your favorite Happendance performers sign it for your young movers!!  Following the concert, copies will be available for purchase on  Special thanks to our favorite dance photographer David Grist!


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