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While I do a lot of different things and collaborate with many organizations and sectors, Move It Media encompasses them all.  Move It means a variety of things.  Mostly, it means “action, progress, and movement”.  I love planning and strategizing, but mostly we just need to stop talking and start doing–then tinker, adjust, scrap and start over, and make some progress together.  Move It means, get going and figure it out.  Media just means storytelling in all the informal and formal media platforms. We are all in the media now and the tools are available for everyone to tell their story and build their community in their vision.  Move It Media helps people tell stories, take action, and build together.

Another aspect of my work is in creative products for children.  In my work in population health, I’m always hearing the message, “we need to get people, especially kids, moving”.  I agree, but I think we just need to stop telling them to NOT move.  I’ve known a lot of humans at the beginning of their lives and I’ve never seen one that doesn’t love to move.  Everyone is a Natural Born Mover® and then we start telling them that they need to stop, sit still, don’t move or you’re in trouble.  We also like to make them feel really badly about wanting to move.

I work from the position that we’re all Natural Born Movers®.  We need to build homes, workplaces, schools, organizations, neighborhoods and cities that support our need to move.  Skilled teachers know how to manage movement so that it is a productive addition to their teaching, not a distraction.  Employees who know how to work movement into their day are far more productive and happier.  Cities that support active transportation are healthier and foster economic growth.  Let’s work within our movement nature and build places that allow us to get our work done and keep ourselves healthier and happier in the process.

That’s Move It Media.  I built it so I could work with people, projects, and places I care about.   Maybe we should work together?





2 thoughts on “Move It Media

  1. Julie Fischer

    Especially Interested in the app! Kids all have their technology and this kind of app would be great to get the wiggles out. My kids are in constant movement but this would help streamline it, give it more purpose. Like the video. Think it would be fun for kids if you go to schools. Teachers could even implement it during the middle of the day when the kids needs to be recharged.

  2. Andi Crawford

    Julie–thanks for your thoughts. I think there are all kinds of tools that are starting to try and get kids moving, but my experience has always been that kids are natural born movers “in constant movement” as you noted. Then, all they hear is to stop moving–these tools are designed to celebrate their natural tendency for constant movement and give them an outlet for it (streamlined and with purpose as you put it so well). This dance company tours at schools throughout Michigan and this piece is part of that show. The book will be sent to the school in advance of the performance. Would love to get one to your students’ teachers and get their feedback. Thanks for helping me build cool stuff for natural born movers like yours!!

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