#EnhanceFitness National Instructor Newsletter & Save the Date


Check out the EnhanceFitness National Instructor newsletter https://c.na13.content.force.com/servlet/servlet.EmailAttachmentDownload?q=fQZIU97MBIJj0DrJ3av1FTBeXX0CpF0s4ZgIRQJ7zgu10Z7x3Lc9deXhDxIgksajDYTopblEI%2BDBzPoK9UL9Nw%3D%3D  great updates about Enhance®Fitness partnerships with ACE (American Council on Exercise) and Power Music.  Exciting industry partnerships to support instructor development.  Awesome work Paige Denison and team to develop these resources!!

Serious Instructor Training

Serious Instructor Training

The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) Team is planning the 2015 Michigan Enhance®Fitness Conference.  Coordinators, Instructors, and aspiring instructors please join us for a day of fun and learning at  in Lansing at LCC West Campus Tuesday June 16th and instructor trainings during Michigan Enhance®Fitness Week!

2014 EnhanceFitness Conference National Kidney Foundation of Michigan delegation

2014 Enhance®Fitness Conference National Kidney Foundation of Michigan delegation

We are building a great team in Michigan to deliver and sustain this program.  Look for a two year training calendar soon as we work together to build a healthier Michigan!

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