Building a Culture of Health in Mid-Michigan

Signage at the Foster Community Center

Signage at the Foster Community Center

Healthy Community Asset Wayfinding on the Eastside

Healthy Community Asset Wayfinding on the Eastside

I’m excited to be back home in Lansing, MI working to create a culture of health in my home community.  I left Lansing 5 years ago to pursue an amazing professional opportunity with the YMCA of Broward County in South Florida.  I learned a great deal about building healthy communities at the local, state, and national level.  I’m excited to return home and be part of the exciting work that is happening in Lansing to build healthy systems for food, transportation, and housing that support healthy communities and economic development (which go hand-in-hand).

Above are some great examples of how leaders are communicating the health message.  These are just a few of many as the region continues its revitalization efforts.  I post many I find on Twitter @andicrawford.  Please add to the conversation using #healthycommunities or #cultureofhealth.  I’d love to connect with you.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation leads the national conversation and foundation investment in building healthy communities.  Great information about building a Culture of Health is available at the link, below is an excerpt.

What Does Culture Of Health Mean To You?

It may mean having easy and affordable access to health care. It may mean creating neighborhoods where moms can feel comfortable letting their kids walk to school, play outside, and go to a nearby grocery store stocked with fresh and healthy choices. It may mean providing an elder with the helping hands she needs to remain in her home. Or it may mean living in a community where policy-makers, civic leaders, educators, employers, and residents work together to make the health of their entire community a priority.There is no single definition, which means when America ultimately achieves a Culture of Health it will be as multifaceted as the population it serves.

We believe an American Culture of Health is one in which:

  1. Good health flourishes across geographic, demographic and social sectors.
  2. Being healthy and staying healthy is valued by our entire society.
  3. Individuals and families have the means and the opportunity to make choices that lead to healthy lifestyles.
  4. Business, government, individuals, and organizations work together to foster healthy communities and lifestyles.
  5. Everyone has access to affordable, quality health care.
  6. No one is excluded.
  7. Health care is efficient and equitable.
  8. The economy is less burdened by excessive and unwarranted health care spending.
  9. The health of the population guides public and private decision-making.
  10. Americans understand that we are all in this together.

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