Your advice to your younger professional self?


I will be giving a talk to a group of young professionals (loosely defined as ages 25-40) about building a personal brand.  As I prepare that talk, I’m thinking about all the successful, smart, hardworking people I know all across the age spectrum and the interesting choices you’ve made in building your life.

I’m wondering what advice you would give yourself  at this stage.  Some of you took huge risks, some played it fairly safe, some found great success, all of us found some degree of failure, some stayed close to home, some took off to make it elsewhere.  Some followed a love, others the economy.  Whether you’re retired, working,  or part of The Greatest Generation, the Forgotten Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, or Milenials, I’d love to hear from you.

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3 thoughts on “Your advice to your younger professional self?

  1. Be guided by your passion. Find something that really ignites a spark in you and make that your life’s work. You will be so good at it that success/financial security will follow you.

  2. Even though I am in the heart of this age group, I definitely have some advice for when I was 18- late 20s. These are specifically related to my work, but my personal and professional life are so intertwined (by my own accord), that they are hard to separate.

    Be true to yourself, and take the time to reflect on what makes you tick. Personally, I learned I couldn’t stand having a boss, so now I don’t have one, nor will I ever, other than my own perfectionist self. This country was founded on entrepreneurs, so don’t be complacent to work your tail off for someone else. This of course, requires a good deal of risk and uncertainty, but make smart decisions and the risks won’t seem so scary. Do your homework. Budget and plan. Think long term rather than only in terms of today. Find a partner who will support you in whatever goal you set out to accomplish, and similarly, has the same amount of drive, passion, and intelligence that you do. Do what you love, and if you are good at what you choose to do, success will inevitably follow. Finally, and probably most importantly, keep your fixed costs low.

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