We’re making art people!!



“Gabustle, Makes My Body Hustle, and Other Silly Ways to Move Anywhere” is close to release.  I’m looking for some great young movers who would like to contribute to the book.  Here’s the scoop:  watch the youtube clip above.  It is a super early-on rehearsal of the live performance that accompanies Gabustle.  (Inside tip:  the front row of dancers are seated so that the children in the audience can move along with them–because you’ll be in trouble if you get up during the assembly–I’m looking out for you) Tell me what you think on this blog or on twitter @andicrawford  Send me your picture with a signed and dated photo release.  Super bonus if you make your photo similar to the ones of the professional dancers below (bright, solid colors against a dark background)!  I’ll include you in the book and ebook which will be available on Amazon in early 2014.  Send this out to anyone you’d like.  Be a part of the artistic process as we build books and performances to celebrate natural born movers (which is every kid I know)  Hurry though–I need it by 11/28 to be included in the book, but I welcome your feedback anytime.

Thanks experts!!

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