Amazing Story from an EF participant who is now a trained instructor!


I would like to express my utmost thanks to all the people who have helped to bring the EnhanceFitness exercise classes to St. Andrews Towers.  In my particular case this program has turned my life around.

At age thirty five I started to feel extremely weak, and I thought I had a flu. My Doctors tested, but could find nothing. By the time I was forty I had been forced to sell my business, and “retire”, but, I was finally diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. My health spiraled down to the point that at age 58, I was declared disabled as I had developed COPD, emphysema, and a laundry list of other illness related to lupus. For years being sick was a way of life.

Prior to October 2009, I was extremely overweight. I was on oxygen almost 20 hours a day, and lived with a thirty foot cord attached to my oxygen condenser. I took an average of 25 pills a day, along with three lung inhalers, two prescribed for use twice a day, and one for emergencies. Oh, and let me not forget my nebulizer treatments. I had to use a three wheel walker whenever I left my apartment.

Eight months later I have lost a total of 24 pounds, My medications have been reduced dramatically. My take as needed meds, are hardly ever needed……..

At my last breathing evaluation my blood oxygen level had improved from 87%, to 92%, a first for me with my pulmonary doctor, and……even the elasticity of my lungs had improved.

I now only use my walker and portable oxygen when I take morning walks, and of course I must use my oxygen during the Cardio portion of my exercise class. At least for now!!

Again, I thank you all. My family thanks you. My doctors thank you. And I’m sure our taxpayers thank you.

                                                  Most Sincerely,

                                           Agnes (DOLLY) Carapazza

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