Welcome First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood


YMCA of Broward County launched its latest site EnhanceFitness site on June 7th at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.  Classes are M/W/F at 10:30 am.   The class is taught right in the narthex of the church and during the cooler months will be taught outside.   We look forward to a great site.  Welcome to the program!!! 


2 thoughts on “Welcome First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

  1. Midori Swider

    Thank you for opening the program at our church. Our instructor, Patty Ceballos is just awesome. She is a fantastic teacher and at the same time a beautiful person. I wish more people from our congregation would join because it is safe there, they do not have to drive far. I am sure this program would enhance the general physical conditions of every participant. I am a firm believer in preventive medicine. If everybody excercise regularly, maybe, we can reduce our deficit on Medicare and health insurance cost can come down! Is this a pipe dream? I don’t think so. Anyway, Thank you. Because of this program, I signed up for a regular member of Hollywood YMCA. What a wonderful place and great facilities! I see everybody there with healthy smile on their faces. Midori

  2. andicrawford

    It was wonderful having you at the video filming last week. Patty is an incredible instructor and a terrific person. We are blessed to have her at the YMCA. I hope you are enjoying your membership at the Hollywood YMCA. It’s a great facility with wonderful classes a!nd facilities. Stop by and say hello to the Executive Director April Norris or the Operations Director Ben Wheeler. They’ll be excited to welcome an EnhanceFitness participant as a new member

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