Great Stories from the YMCA EnhanceFitness Class at The Mainlands


Here’s are a few  notes from our participants referring to our Mentor Instructor, Tatiana and Community Instructor, Lois at the YMCA EnhanceFitness class at The Mainlands in Tamarac.  Want to see the class in action?  Come to our open house on Wednesday 5/26 at 6:30pm and see our great instructors and participants.

Want to bring this class to your community center or church?  Call Andi Crawford at 954-334-9622 to find out how!

Participant Stories:

“I want to thank Lois for talking me into this EnhanceFitness program.  Tatiana is a great instructor.  When we first started in January, I had to use my inhaler about 20 minutes after we started exercising.  I had to sit down during a lot of these exercises.  Now, I don’t use my inhaler during the whole 1 hour class and I don’t have to sit down during class.  Thanks to EnhanceFitness I am breathing much better.  Thanks again to Lois and a special thanks to Tatiana for all her patience helping all of us.  She works us hard because she knows we can do it.  We have a lot of fun doing all these different exercises.”


“This program has helped me to eat better and make better choices.  It motivates me to walk 3o minutes at least 5 days a week.  I have also lost weight and feel better.  Tatiana is a great instructor.  She knows how to motivate us and makes the class a lot of fun.  She encourages each and everyone of us to keep going and also throws a few compliments out there to us.  We are honored and thankful to have Tatiana as our instructor.  Your entire staff (especially Patty) have also done a great job.  Thanks again all!!”

Thank you for your great stories.  The YMCA of Broward County is very thankful to have great staff such as Tatiana, Patty, and Lois bringing our participants this effective program.  Keep up the great work!

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