The YMCA of Grand Rapids Begins EnhanceFitness Partnership


The Michigan Department of Community Health continues to expand the reach of evidence-based programs for seniors with a new partnership with the YMCA of Grand Rapids.  EnhanceFitness Master Trainer Missy Lilje will train the YMCA instructors this week and programs will launch in January at their community partner sites.  Congratulations on this great collaboration between EnhanceFitness, the Michigan Department of Community Health, the YMCA of Grand Rapids, and their community partner sites.  I look forward to hearing about the great success of this program!

3 thoughts on “The YMCA of Grand Rapids Begins EnhanceFitness Partnership

  1. Connie Arnold

    Just wanted to say thanks, Andi, for a superb training workshop yesterday and today in Bartlesville. I cannot wait to get our classes started! By the way, we were doing the Bear Hunt today at the request of a participant. She wanted something she could do with her grandchildren. Exercise across the generations…..

  2. goymcabc

    That’s wonderful Connie!! I had a great time at the training and really enjoyed my time in Bartlesville. Good luck with your classes and keep me posted!

  3. Congratulations new EF Instructors — the Seattle Enhance team wishes you all the best as you implement your classes. We look forward to hearing your successes and are pleased that Grand Rapids will be added to our list of Michigan sites.

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