Thank you conference hosts, organizers, and participants


Thank you all for assisting in a great South Florida EnhanceFitness Week:

Eliane Morales and Martha Palaez of the Health Foundation of South Florida for all your hard work on organizing, and administering a complex set of registrations and plans.  Thank you for our wonderful lunches!

Ryan Smiley, Ben Wheeler, and the entire staff at the Sheinberg Family YMCA of the YMCA of Broward County for graciously accomodating a weekong training and rerranging many program schedules to make space.

Patty Ceballos, YMCA of Broward County EnhanceFitness Project Coordinator for an incredible amount of support, assistance, and hard work throughout the week. 

The instructors, administrators, and site coordinators for your attention, input, enthusiasm, and effort through a long week.  Thank you–it was a blast!

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