4 thoughts on “South Florida EnhanceFitness Week A Big Success!!

  1. South Florida EF friends and colleagues,
    Congratulations on what appears to be a very fun and successful week! I’m so impressed by the growth of EnhanceFitness in South Florida and the quality of the EF Instructors and Trainers. You are lucky to have Andi as a Master Trainer. Who would have thought ten years ago that EnhanceFitness would span the country from Washington state to South Florida!
    I look forward to hearing from you all as you implement your classes.
    Susan Snyder

  2. andicrawford

    Thanks Susan! I am very lucky to be here in an amazingly comprehensive program under the leadership of the Healthy Aging Regional Collaborative and Dr. Palaez. We are very excited about the coming year!!

  3. This training looks like so much fun!! Were you really teaching EF???? lol
    We miss you here in Detroit, can’t wait till I come back to Florida to visit. I’ll be sure to stop in..

  4. andicrawford

    Hi Kristie! Between the kickboxing and the conga lines it’s hard to tell that this is an EF class! Always a great time with new instructors. Come visit soon!!

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