Fall is Here!


I know many classes took a break over the summer and are gearing up now for fall.  What are you plans and how are your programs?  Let me know what’s happening and send me some pictures.  Come on–brag a little!!

2 thoughts on “Fall is Here!

  1. Hey Andi–how are things going.
    One of my instructors: Natalie Martinez has just got a wonderful opportunity and is relocating to Miami.
    She wants to continue with the YMCA and EnhanceFitness–can I send her your way or are you all ready.
    We miss you!!!!

  2. andicrawford

    Hi Kristie! Of course send Natalie my way. I am in Broward County north of Miami, so depending on where she is heading we can get her linked to the right organization. How are things in Detroit?

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