Michigan EnhanceFitness Week Training Events


Michigan EnhanceFitness Week is soon approaching.  The prerequisite for the EnhanceFitness New Instructor Training is the YMCA Principles of Health and Wellness and the Foundations of YMCA Group Exercise.  These two courses will be offered on June 12th (5pm-9pm) and June 13th (8am-5pm) at the Downtown YMCA Wellness Center.  Downtown YMCA Wellness Center
119 N. Washington Sq.
Lansing, MI 48933
These are primarily lecture courses with some movement.  There is a written exam at the conclusion. 

A third course, YMCA Cardio Step Instructor Trainer is offered on Sunday June 14th (8am-5pm).  It is NOT REQUIRED for EnhanceFitness Instructors, but a great class which will give you good experience in teaching the cardio portion of the class.   This is a movement course with a practical exam. 

COURSE FEES:  YMCA Principles of Health and Wellness $30; Foundations of Group Exercise $60; Cardio Step Instructor $60.  

REGISTRATION:  Call 517-484-4000 to register for the YMCA courses. 


You can now register for the June 16th and 17th EnhanceFitness New Instructor Training at:

The training is free for all MDCH partners.  For all others there will be a $20 fee to cover the manual and snacks for the training.  Lunch will be on your own, so please plan to pack or run out for lunch on Day 1.  This training will fill quickly so please register soon.

The EnhanceFitness New Instructor Training will be held at the Oak Park YMCA in Lansing, but you MUST register for the training with EnhanceFitness at the above link. 


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