A checklist for your site: Please add on!


The following is a checklist that I developed for our sites outside of our YMCAs.  These are referred to as “Community Partner Sites” within our program.  Do you have additional ideas for things that work well at your site? 


Checklist for YMCA EnhanceFitness classes at Community Partner Sites:

Supplies provided by YMCA:

o   Weights                              

o   Storage container for weights

o   Lockbox for files

o   Stereo system (Instructor supplies music)

o   Cell phone for emergencies or access to a landline on site

o   Fitness check materials for check days

*All supplies stored onsite.  Fitness check materials can be shared among multiple sites and stored at branch (cone, stopwatches, hand weights, tape measures.  See instructor manual).


Supplies provided by site:

o   Chairs

o   Site access key (if needed)

o   Storage access key (if needed)


Administrative Supplies:

o   EF documents:  Health History Form, Attendance Sheets, Fitness Check forms (supplied by EF and kept in lockbox on site) PIF sent to EF

o   Report card to distribute to participants after 4 month check (kept onsite after baseline, given to participants after check).

YMCA documents: 

o   Building agreement form                                                                            

o   Participant Waiver forms

o   Onsite Registration sheets

o   Money envelope to return to branch


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