Instructor Spotlight: Barbara Payton Brush Park Manor



During the Detroit continuing education training, I heard lots of great feedback from Barbara Payton instructor at Brush Park Manor.  She is part of the Mature Worker program receiving Title V money for training and employment.  She has found a new career as an exercise instructor at the age of 80!  Her classes are packed with enthusiastic participants and along the way she has lost over 30 pounds!!  “Since I have been participating I have lost weight.  I am a diabetic, and my blood sugar came down so much that my doctor had to change my whole therapy!  See how slim I am!”  Says, Barbara.

During our training, Barbara shared some of her tips for teaching with a “mature mind”.  She has developed a system of notes both in front of her and posted throughout the room to aid her in teaching the class.  She refers to the notes as she teaches to ensure she covers all the material.  Her adaptations are excellent for both her participants and herself. 

Job skills, employment, positive health benefits, and fun–now that’s a program!!

Congrats to Barbara and the DAAA for the innovative combination of Title V money and EnhanceFitness!


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