Detroit Instructor Continuing Education


EF programs in the Detroit area invited me back to do a continuing education training for their instructors. The day was filled with a lot of great idea sharing.  Instructors were able to ask questions about how to handle specific situations that arise in their class and give lots of great antecdotes about their own experiences. 

We started our day with a class on 32 count phrasing and choreographed aerobics.  Instructors did some sample teaching and practiced putting together combinations.  Following that segment we discussed how to accommodate different levels in one class and of course talked about some “storyrobics”.  Instructor Missy Lilje assisted with the training and did a great job teaching this segment.  Following our focus on the cardio segment, we did a thorough review of all the strength training exercises and modifications. 

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan also is working on implementing multi-generational programs along with EnhanceFitness at some of their sites.  I was asked to give some ideas about children’s fitness programming in addition to EF.  The instructors had a great time dancing and being “5 year olds again” for a short time.

3 thoughts on “Detroit Instructor Continuing Education

  1. Robbie McCray

    As usual, Andi did a great job of giving us tips that we could use in our classes. The music lesson was invaluable as some of us are “count” challenged. Another great job.

  2. Marian

    I had a wonderful time. You guys look great in the pictures! Andi, Kristie and Missy you guys did a wonderful job. Thanks!

  3. I REALLY like the idea of storyrobics after looking at this post and a previous one…. whether for youth fitness or those of all ages, it definitely helps me to feel guided and engaged in my workout routine rather than simply going through the exercises… having a flow makes it go faster and gives you a sense of completion and accomplishment.

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