JCCs start successful program!


Health Foundation of South Florida

EnhanceFitness Grant


Along with the Healthy Aging Regional Collaborative and EnhanceFitness, our goal is to improve the overall functional fitness and well-being of older adults participating in the proposed selected evidence-based program that is being implemented via JCS’ Senior Adult Services Division.   Through this endeavor, JCS’ Miami Beach Senior Center (“MBSC”) has been able to bring EnhanceFitness to a low and moderate income population who would otherwise not have access to such a valuable program.


We are excited by the great response that has been received from the community with regards to this program.  Fitness classes are currently in operation three times per week at three different locations.  With funds provided by the HFSF, JCS has been able to purchase fitness equipment for class participants.  Eighty-five year old Alex Hirsh is one of our class participants at the MBSC and says, “Health is the key to life!  It is a pleasure to participate actively; it is beneficial to use weights for our muscles.”   


All classes serve a combination of frail elderly, an under and/or un-served population.  Approximately 25 people attend each class.  The feedback we’ve received from clients at the MBSC has been nothing short of exuberant.  As declared by 96 year old Paulina Kosser, “I enjoy doing exercise every morning; it makes me feel invigorated.”  We anticipate continuing to grow the program in an effort to meet our target goals.



EnhanceFitness class at the Miami Beach Senior Center. (February 2009)

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