Lansing YMCAs offer EnhanceFitness across Metro area


With funding from the Michigan Department of Community Health Arthritis Program, the YMCA of Lansing has begun to offer EnhanceFitness at 9 locations in Lansing.  This project is unique because it is a broad model which utilizes experienced YMCA instructors to implement the class at both YMCA sites and also in community sites in the area.  For example, new sites at Mt. Hope United Methodist Church in Lansing and St. Jude Catholic Community in DeWitt have begun classes this month.  These partnerships allow for programming to attract both church members and community participants.  The church benefits by being able to offer a quality program in service to their members, while the YMCA handles all the staffing and administration of the program.  Participants feel comfortable attending a program in the church and find the convenience and comfort to be a big plus.  Look for photos of these new sites shortly!

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