White Mountain Apache Tribe


I  had the privledge of training the new instructors at the White Mountain Apache Tribe in Whiteriver, Arizona.  This training included tribe elders, young fitness professionals, and administrators working to successfully implement the program.  Instructors will begin teaching classes shortly at Whiteriver and Cibecue sites.

This program receives funding from the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. – Area Agency on Aging, Region 8 (ITCA – AAA).  Marlinda Littleman, Resource Development Coordinator of the program attended the training with potential instructors and gave great information about different tribal programs around the country working to implement evidence-based programming.  She had just returned from a project to implement the Stanford Chronic Disease Self Management Program in Alaska. 

Sharon Jimenez is directing the program at White Mountain Apache and designed the program delivery.  I am impressed with the plan for the project and the selection of the instructors to deliver the program.  Tribal elders along with younger fitness professionals will be partnered to teach the classes at each site.  Classes are being taught immediately before or after the congregate meals at the Cibecue site.

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